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In everything we do, we ensure that we reward our clients with what they value so that they can gain an advantageous edge in any market. We constantly push the envelope and challenge the norm to deliver service innovation at its finest. Our business sits on a robust marketing and technology platform that adapts to the changing industry landscape, while our technology-forward outlook inspires a growth-focused mindset amongst our agents and clients.

We are not afraid to be different because our differences shape us as people. We use our diversity as a medium to emotionally connect to our clients’ needs while learning to create a safe, welcoming space that allows us to thrive individually and collectively.

With Us

Both you and our clients belong, have a voice, and are valued. We encourage respect and positive recognition of differences, creating a sense of connectedness.

Our idea of innovation is tied to a continuous desire for growth. We know change is hard, but we are not afraid to try. This commitment powers our competitive edge.

Prepare to earn 100% Commission on the first day you unite with us. We allow you to take home your full commission.

Leave behind corporate structure. At House Edge, you as the individual agent are limited on how you can operate, brand, and market yourself.

We partner with like-minded missionaries and Christian organizations that are committed to the people in the country in which they serve.

Taking the time to sit down with our team and clients to understand their thoughts, enhances our understanding. We are not just a luxury brand, we are a people brand.


When you list, buy, or work with House Edge, you'll have the advertising and marketing edge.

We use a combination of laser-focused, local strategies and internet advertising to get your listings in front of as many potential buyers, to better position buyers in a multiple offer situations, or help agents gain an edge and take the next step in their career.


The future depends on what we as a company do today.

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